Hi, I’m Lara! Some basics to start with? I’m 23, live in Malmö and work in Copenhagen. Originally I’m from the Netherlands, I grew up on an island called Terschelling. For both study and work I’ve lived in several other cities within the Netherlands as well.

In the beginning of 2022 I moved to Malmö because I felt the urge to fulfil my I-want-to-move-to-Sweden-dream I had for some time after visiting Sweden frequently. When I found a job in Copenhagen, my dream became reality. Huh? But Copenhagen is not in Sweden? You’re right! I cross the bridge every day and I don’t think the view from the train over the sea will ever bore me.

I studied Media Communication and I’ve worked, among other things, as a Communication Coordinator for a free speech organisation that is specialised in creative writing. At the moment I work as a Dutch Customer Service Representative for a company that provides web hosting.

Besides that I’m 1/2 of Rake Verhalen. We make media productions in Dutch about people and their story. At the moment we are working on a podcast about the pros and cons of diagnostics within psychology.

Are you curious about my work experience and educational background? Check out my resume.